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Welcome to the 2019-20 AIF William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India
HOST ORGANIZATIONS: Thank you for your interest in hosting an AIF Clinton Fellow.
Submit your application by April 16, 2019 (extended).
As we collectively strive for a more equitable society in our globalizing world, the importance of strong and respectful cross-cultural collaboration grows every day. AIF’s William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India is an immersive volunteer service program training and placing young professionals to support development organizations across India. Through service and fieldwork, Fellows gain knowledge of inclusive leadership in development in the fields of education, livelihood, and public health. Fellows support AIF’s partner organizations at a crucial moment of scalability. Together AIF, Fellows and Host Organizations form dynamic cross-cultural partnerships to exchange knowledge and skills, build capacity, and foster learning to fulfill our joint commitment to improve the lives of India’s most marginalized communities.
September 1, 2019 – July 2, 2020
The Fellowship recruits consist of young professionals from the U.S. and India, between 21 and 34 years of age, with remarkably diverse professional and personal backgrounds. AIF selects, trains, and places these individuals directly with development organizations across India. Fellows serve through contributing their efforts and skills to developing ongoing initiatives, as well as strategizing new projects for the host organizations. To review previous projects, please read here.
Your organization must have a registered office in India in order to host an AIF Clinton Fellow. All Host Organizations go through a selection process that including a written application, an interview, and an evaluation visit. Only strong applications that demonstrate a robust 10-month project with clear deliverables and goals, as well as a sound sustainability plan post-Fellowship, will be given the opportunity to interview prospective Fellows in Spring 2019.
AIF’s Selection Criteria for Host Organizations Include:
  • Organizations must be implementation organizations working directly with communities and beneficiaries.
  • Organizations must demonstrate that they are at a crucial moment of scalability, and are currently looking to either expand or deepen their impact and reach in the intended community.
  • The proposed project must align with the mission and values of the organization, as well as the mission and values of the American India Foundation.
  • The project must either be in livelihoods, education or public health, or demonstrate a strong intersection with these fields.
  • In the 2018-19 Fellowship year, half of the placements are in rural areas. We are looking to expand our rural outreach in the coming year, and welcome applications from all regions of the country.
  • Organizations must identify a member of the leadership of the organization who is willing and able to supervise the Fellow for the 10-month project. This individual must have demonstrated experience in the development field.
  • The organization should demonstrate that there are the required resources necessary to sustain and replicate the project post the completion of the Fellowship.
The American India Foundation (AIF) is dedicated to catalyzing social and economic change in India and building a lasting bridge between the United States and India. Working closely with local communities, AIF partners with non-government organizations to develop and test innovative solutions, and with governments to create and scale sustainable impact. AIF’s programs emphasize inclusive models that focus on the unique needs of girls and women to achieve gender equity as a basis for sustainable change. Founded in the wake of the Gujarat earthquake in 2001, at the initiative of President Clinton following a suggestion from Prime Minister Vajpayee, AIF has impacted the lives of 4.6 million of India’s poor by providing access to high-quality education, formal sector employment for urban youth and rickshaw drivers, and public health services to protect the health of mothers and their children, while building the next generation of global leaders through service. AIF implements its programs with 310 partners in 24 states of India. With offices in New York and California, twelve chapters across the U.S., and India operations headquartered in New Delhi, AIF is transforming lives across 24 states of India with 310 implementation partners - addressing these issues on a regional, country, and international scale. Learn more at
Once you have completed the application, an AIF representative will be in touch for further evaluation and information after the deadline. If you require any support with the application, please email directly. Please enter the subject line, "Hosting an AIF Clinton Fellow."